About Technical Diving

Dear friends, very often I hear from experienced divers, who have hundreds of dives, something like this "Technical diving is very difficult, very dangerous, I’m not ready for it, it’s not for me!".

So, with all my responsibility I’d like to declare – it is not so! On the opposite, dives with correctly chosen equipment, which a diver can properly use, are safer than those commonly called recreational.

As a matter of fact dives with two tanks behind your back (twin-set) and additional tank on the side (stage) are not always made very deep and are not always made with decompression. First courses of technical diving limit the depth with 40 meters!

So what can this give us? Very much! For example, most of you dived to the wreck Thistlegorm and knows pretty well the way it is dived to. And now imagine the dive, during which you stay on the wreck an hour or an hour and a half (excluding descend-ascend time). In no hurry you are observing the things rarely shown to recreational groups, then, the same way, in no hurry you are ascending to the boat and taking rest. Does this sound cool? Would you like this? No problem!

One more example: you like to make underwater photos and what you like even more is to dive with large groups and fast guides! Would you like to hover at the chosen photo object 15–20 minutes? No problem!

A lot of such examples can be described!

What does the course include? First of all this is CORRECT configuration of equipment and ability to use it CORRECT. Do you think you have everything correct? Look at your underwater picture – do you like a bouquet of hoses behind your back? And sometimes deep gauge hanging under the belly? This is very comfortable for clinging to something, for breaking a piece of coral... By the way, on the course I usually show the results of such «configuration» – consequences of actual dive, not to the cave and not even to the wreck!

Do you ever have to swim on the buddy’s octopus? Was that comfortable? Nobody finds it comfortable! I’m far from talking about opening your own tank yourself, about correct equipment check before and in course of a dive and other!

First course of technical diving by DSAT (PADI) or TDI includes the above mentioned and other skills. Course lasts 4–5 days and costs about 325 Euro (plus equipment rent if needed). First trainings are made at 6–10 meters. To enter the course you require: 30 registered dives, AOWD level and higher (or analogues in other systems), specialties Nitrox and Deep in any system. By successful completion of the course you get PADI Tec 40 or TDI Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures certificate. This course will help you to understand, if technical diving is necessary or interesting special for you. Welcome!