Author's course "Dive Safe"

You are sure to have a wish to reduce you air consumption rate to make your dives longer. You are likely to have thoughts about improving your body position underwater, perfecting your buoyancy and learning effective ways of your fins moving to turn yourself from funny «gosling» into splendid «battleship». This course is useful for divers of all levels – from OWD to Rescue. It is especially recommended to divers, who are going to take technical courses, and technical diving beginners.

Course includes minimum 4 sea dives and onshore exercises and takes up 2–3 days. As far as the course is author’s, there is no any certificate.

Key tasks of the course:
1. Working out correct breathing underwater;
2. Correct balance of a diver and trim hovering, including for problems solving underwater;
3. Improving fins movement: frog-style swimming, modified frog, reverse motion, horizontal and vertical turns;
4. Psychological training for solving problems, which may arise underwater;
5. Psychological training for helping a diver, who has a problem underwater;
6. Skills of using additional tank (stage);
7. Skills of using buoy and reel.

You can take the course either with one tank, or with twin-set (tec diver certificate is not necessary). Price of the course is 300 Euro + equipment rent.